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ESO – Leramil the Wise, Hermaeus Mora’s Possible Acquintance in Necrom

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ESO‘s latest in-game Chapter, Necrom, is set to be released less than two (2) months from now.


Because of this, changes are slowly taking effect in Tamriel, most notably in the Telvanni Peninsula.


One such change is the introduction of a High Elf sorceress, Leramil the Wise, who mysteriously travels all over Tamriel seeking secret knowledge that only a rare few have ever known about throughout the world’s history – maybe even beyond that.


With Daedric activities seemingly on the rise in Morrowind, many suspect that Leramil has a role in it, though no evidence of this has been found thus far.


The other two (2) possibilities are that of a dangerous Daedric cult or a powerful Telvanni mage, but none are certain until we finally get to experience the next Chapter in June.


In the meantime, Leramil is still a cautionary individual to be trusted, with rumours stating that she made a pact with the Daedric Prince of Fate and Knowledge, Hermaeus Mora, in order to acquire glimpses into forbidden tomes and ancient texts.


In fact, she has been reportedly seen visiting the Daedric Prince’s domain, Apocrypha, on a regular basis, though her intent and reasoning are yet unknown.


However, what is known about her is that she is a keen buyer of rare tomes and artefacts, especially those that are believed to be exceptionally dangerous.


Right now, in preparation for Necrom, she can already be interacted with by accepting the quest, “Eye of Fate”, downloadable from the in-game Crown Store.


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