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ESO – A Templar’s Honour (Class Introduction)

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With the release of the new ESO story expansion, Firesong, both returning and new players can try out one of the best spellcaster-healer hybrid Classes in the game – the venerable Templar.


Absorbing the Sun’s rays and redirecting them as powerful magic, Templars are flexible combatants: they can conjure fearsome abilities to destroy enemies, imbue their weapons with scorching flames, or concentrate their aura to heal multiple allies at once.


Here’s a brief overview of the Templar’s effectiveness in ESO:


Templar Proficiencies


  • Physical Combat: Good
  • Spells and Magic Abilities: Excellent
  • Tanking: Good
  • Healing Powers: Excellent


As you can see, the Templar is almost unbeatable, with almost no direct weaknesses at all.


They are deadly warriors when fighting up close, wearing heavy armour that deflects most attacks effortlessly.


Nevertheless, it is their magical prowess that scares enemies the most, supplementing their already-respectable physical masteries.


The Templar has three (3) Skill Paths to specialise in, each being:


  • Aedric Spear
    • Combat-focused line that allows use of direct, destructive powers.
    • Examples of skills are:
      • Radial Sweep (Ultimate)
      • Puncturing Strikes
      • Sun Shield
      • Many other outstanding abilities


  • Dawn’s Wrath
    • Channels the scorching rays of the sun into mighty attacks and buffs.
    • These abilities include:
      • Nova (Ultimate)
      • Solar Flare
      • Radiant Destruction
      • Other cool skills


  • Restoring Light
    • Utilise effective healing abilities to full effect, adopting incredible passive traits as well.
    • Some good skills are:
      • Rite of Passage (Ultimate)
      • Restoring Aura
      • Rune Focus
      • A few others


As a Templar, nothing scares you during battle.


Both your combat skills and magical attunement are also highly valued by party members, making you an invaluable individual in any party in ESO.


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