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ESO: Crown Store Fashion

Head to U7BUY for cheap ESO gold, we will support you with best service and fast delivery! You can tame the most dangerous waters and unruly beards, furs or spikes with the frosty waves of the North Sea. Any sailor who marvels at your icy braids and cropped accents will know you’re worthy. Old Saltworker Trinket Chin will return to the Crown Store for a limited time on all platforms.




Gear up like a dreadsail, says Fleet Pharmacist Sortictel, and don’t let the Fleet Queen down! Use to learn the style of making dreadsales. Also teaches equivalent dreadsail equipment styles. The Dredsales Crown Motif will be available in the Crown Store on all platforms. Dredsale chapters, and in rare cases the complete book, can be obtained in-game by defeating Captain Numirril in the Shipwright’s Regret dungeon.


Dreadsails Style


Change the look of your armor with this complete set of dragon hunter outfit styles. The Elder Dragon Hunter Armor Pack will be available for a limited time, ESO Plus member will get a discount for this item.


Bow of Shadows


Customize your bow’s outfit style with a replica of the Bow of Shadows, a weapon crafted by the Nocturnal. The Elder Scrolls Artifact: Bow of Shadows will be back to the Crown Store on September 9.


Valkyn Skoria


The owner of Red-Zeal Keep, Valkyn Skoria is fiercely protective of the Vault’s Sigil Stone, but maybe you already know this? Customize the look of your weapons to match the rewards of the fearless Valkin Skoria with this full set of outfit styles. The Valkyn Skoria Weapon Pack is returning to the Crown Store during the Undaunted Celebration.


Pirate Skeleton


Captain Blackheart and his indomitable pirates settle in Blackheart Haven. Do you dare to travel to Bangkorai to deal with this infamous menace? Customize the look of your weapon to match the rewards of the Dauntless Pirate Skeleton with this outfit.




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