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ESO – Whitestrake’s Mayhem Event upon Us!

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ESO’s new story expansion, High Isles, has just received a major PvP event called Whitestrake’s Mayhem, introducing new rewards and challenges for you to explore today!

ESO continues to enjoy massive support by its player base, especially after the amazing responses garnered by its latest expansion, High Isles.

With renewed interest in the game prompting a flood of returning players into the fold, a new PvP event has just been released in-game, given the name Whitestrake’s Mayhem!

This new event will make certain PvP regions into hot zones for you to collect various items and unlock exclusive rewards.

For the casuals, if you’re actively looking to clean the streets of the Imperial City by defeating wandering Bosses, you can look forward to receiving pages of the House Dufort Banneret Outfit Style, or even chance the Black Drake Clanwrap Armour Pack instead.

Other than that, Pelenial’s Boon Boxes are also added into the game, with random chances for you to receive:

Alchemy ingredients
Daedric siege weapon
Parcel of Tel Var stones
Soul Gems
Many more!

There are also thirty-nine (39) Event Tickets to collect during the event, with a maximum of three (3) obtainable per day via Cyrodiil, Battlegrounds and Imperial City quests.

These Event Tickets open up opportunities for you to redeem the following from the Impresario:

Bag of Veteran’s Glory
Battle-Scarred Body Marking
Battle-Scarred Face Marking
Loads others!

In order to partake in the Whitestrake’s Mayhem event, you need to visit the Crown Store and activate the “Details on the Whitestrake’s Mayhem” quest.

You will enjoy 2x material yields from resource nodes around Cyrodiil and the Imperial City, and a re-usable Scroll of Pelenial’s Ferocity will also be given for you to receive a 2-hour double-XP effect for PvP!

The Whitestrake’s Mayhem event lasts from 28th July 2022 (Thursday) till 9th August 2022 (Tuesday), and you can visit the official website for a complete breakdown of the event accordingly.

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