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ESO World Boss Slain In Seconds During In-Game Event

Before we start, be sure to check out cheap ESO gold at U7buy.com. Elder Scrolls Online events are events with exclusive quests, rewards and themes, and take place during specific dates. During those dates, players can level up their character faster, earn impressive rewards and achievements, and enjoy quests cooperatively.

Most event quests in The Elder Scrolls Online include rewards earned by killing world bosses. These powerful adversaries, which are available in specific numbers around the zone maps, often possess unique abilities and resistances, challenging players and making the battle unparalleled. They are marked with a skull and two crossed swords on the map, letting players know exactly where they are so they can prepare for a tough fight, although one player recently encountered a surprisingly easy World Boss battle.
In the video posted by @alcasthq on Instagram, the powerful raven wraith world boss in Exarchs’ Egress, Clockwork City – which has approximately three million health – is killed in about three seconds during the current event. Arguably, this is a good example of the Elder Scrolls Online community being stronger if it pulls together.
These powerful enemies were built specifically for a group to form a party and fight them; while there are some players who are able to defeat them independently, the health of the world bosses usually exceeds millions (and the damage per second of most players hovers around 40k). As a result, players use global chat to seek out other players and their fellow ESO players for a joint battle with these fearsome foes.

During events such as the Daedric War Celebration, which is running until February 1, it seems almost easy to locate a group and fight the World Bosses, as players are interested in locating these enemies during in-game events and killing them for exclusive rewards. Therefore, at specific World Boss locations, Elder Scrolls Online players often see an excess of other players waiting for the enemy to respawn. With so many players, it only takes a minute or two, if not less, to kill the world boss once it appears.
While players who acquire the best builds for their ESO characters can kill some World Bosses independently, it’s always a pleasure to meet up with other adventurers and fight enemies across The Elder Scrolls Online maps.

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