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ESO Update 7.2.6 Patch Note

U7buy is best ESO gold store if you want a better gaming experience! ESO Update 7.2.6 has been released for PC gamers and will be available to console owners later this week. As always, the new patch is released to help players fix the bugs in Deadlands expansion and other features. Read on find out the details about this new update.


ESO Update 7.2.6 Patch Notes for PC


Exploration & Itemization

Correct track of Oblivion portal achievements during progress.


Monsters & NPCs

Fix the incorrect gendered words Arox the Mutilator was using in several languages.


Quests & Zones

Characters won’t get stuck in combat while wandering the Deadlands.

Companions are no longer visible in Fargrave to aid in improving performance throughout the area.

Against All Hope: Players can now stun the final boss from this quest.

Ambition’s End: Your character will no longer fall to their deaths if attempting to use gap-closing abilities on the final boss of this quest.

The Celestial Palanquin: The quest progress would not be blocked because of the missing quest object.

The Durance Vile: Correct the presence of Quest pins.



Quests & Zones


Illusions of Grandeur:

Bookshelves are properly interactable now.



Combat & Abilities

Players now can get extra skills and attribute points.

Fixed an issue where joining or leaving a group could cause an unsummoned pet to reappear.



Crown Store & Crown Crates


Fixed an issue where the Witch-Tamed Bear-Dog would be invisible after summoning.


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