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Elder Scrolls Online – Have You Completed Vateshran Arena Yet?

Elder Scrolls Online Markarth DLC introduces a new single-player arena called Vateshran Hollows. It is located in the Reach. This is where the Spiritblood clan has been putting their warriors to the test. To be known as a Reachfolk, one would have to complete the Vateshran Rites. For a long time, chieftains have passed these challenges.

Completing the Vateshran Arena is normally reserved for the people of the Reach, but the Spiritblood members have decided to make an exception for you. By now, you are probably used to things in Tamriel going wrong. Something is not right with Vateshran Arena and guess who has to investigate the mystery. The arena has multiple boss encounters. Should you complete them all, you will get many prizes. The arena has three portals fueled by three realms from Oblivion. Each portal takes you to a different zone. The arena is completed after you defeat enemies in all zones.

The portal room is called Choosing. There’s the Hircine portal that takes you to the Hunter’s Grotto, the Mehrunes Dagon portal that leads to the Brimstone Den, and Molag Bal portal that allows you to step in the Wounding. Each room features challenges, encounters against minions of the Daedric Prince, and puzzles. The developers didn’t just want to add a new arena to the game.

They wanted to make it a different experience as well by giving players more ways to explore, versatile encounters, and challenging fights. Players will start by clearing the three zones accessed through the portals. The order in which you tackle the zones is not important. In each zone, you will find navigation tools that will allow you to unlock things in other areas. You will also find boosts that will give an edge in combat and open up new paths for you.

Should you complete Vateshran Hollows, you will gain the respect of the Spiritblood clan and, of course, rewards. Hungering Void weapon styles are among the prizes. To increase your chances of getting these styles, complete the arena on veteran difficulty. The Void Pathosis skin is a reward for clearing the arena on veterans but it’s not easy. Arena bosses drop item sets. There are three item sets that you can acquire here. You will also acquire one of the six weapons that boost your weapon abilities. There’s an empowered version of these weapons that are acquired on veteran difficulty. Vateshran Arena is included in the Markarth DLC. You get access to the DLC by buying it or as part of the ESO Plus subscription. You can also purchase ESO gold for a better game experience.


(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Chong Fang)

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