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Enjoy Elder Scrolls Online Premium For Free And Check Out The Newest DLCs!

Did you know that you can enjoy the premium Elder Scrolls Online subscription for free? This is a limited-time offer so make sure you grab it before it expires. Here is what you need to do. Open the game and go to the Crown store. Identify the ESO Plus Tab. Select the option saying Free Trial. Your free premium days begin now. Make sure to use them wisely and get as much out of them as possible. This means checking out DLCs, leveling a new character, and more.

The premium subscription gives you free access to all the DLCs, including the newest one called Harrowstorm. This DLC is part of the new adventure. You had the chance to complete the Greymoor prologue for free and now you can discover more about it. The Harrowstorm events take place before the prologue. Complete the two new dungeons and get some gear for your characters.

Thanks to the subscription trial, you have access to all Elder Scrolls Online DLCs. Discover the Imperial City, explore Orsinium, become a member of the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood, check out the Shadows of the Hist, find out what’s happening with the Horns of the Reach, adventure into the Clockwork City, and more. You might also want to know that Morrowind and Summerset expansions are also included in the premium subscription.

Premium subscribers get more than DLC and expansion access. They also get a bottomless crafting bag. This means that you will be able to collect and store as many crafting materials as you like. This is really something as we all know how annoying it is to work with limited storage space. You will also be glad to know that your bank’s capability doubles. All the characters on the premium account have double bank space.

Do you have too many home items and collectibles? No problem, the premium subscription also doubles the furnishings and collectibles space in player-owned homes. What about the double transmute crystal storage? Yes, that also gets the double treatment. Premium members level faster and get more gold, crafting inspiration, and trait research. All these rates get a 10% boost.

Do you want to let other players know that you are a premium Elder Scrolls Online supporter? Then dye your attire with one of the exclusive dyes and let heads turn. The special ESO deals are not part of the trial. You will also not be getting the free crowns. You have until April 27th to check out Elder Scrolls Online premium for free.

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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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