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Elder Scroll Online – Introducing the Gloomspore Crates

Elder Scroll Online has a new type of crates called Gloomspore Crates. These crates are Blackreach-themed. This mysterious zone contains Dwarven ruins, fungal forests, strange creatures, and many other undiscovered things. It is by far one of Tamriel’s most fascinating locations.

We’ve had the chance to explore it in Skyrim and most players agree that this place is a one of a kind location. We had many questions when we entered Blackreach for the first time and we had even more when we got out of it. Remember the dragon? It’s no wonder that it was chosen as a theme for the new crates. Maybe the contents of the Gloomspore crates will help us discover more about it.

The new crates can contain many items including a large variety of consumables such as XP scrolls, potions, and more. You will find all sorts of goods as well but most people get the crates hoping for one of the rare drops.

Did you ever wish to travel Tamriel on the back of a Gloomspore Guar mount? This is one of the possible drops. Change the way you look with the Bloodfiend skin cosmetic. This is guaranteed to get people’s attention. There’s also the Graverobber costume if you want a unique attire. Add the Horrifying Egg Hatch memento to your collection. If you are extremely lucky you might get one, or maybe both, of the very rare mounts Embermould Warhorse, Fungiflare Wolf, and Shadowcap Cave-Senche.

These are the new items introduced by the crates but we can find many items that were part of past crates. The Blacksmith costume and Auroran Twilight Warhorse are two of the returning items. If you are interested in Gloomspore crates you can find them at the Crown store. They are available in various bundles. For example, you will pay 1,500 Crowns for four crates and 5,000 Crowns for 15 crates.

If you want more rewards, don’t forget to take part in the Jester’s Festival that runs from March 26th to April 2nd. There are unique items and rewards that can be obtained. Visit Tamriel’s three jesters and complete their daily quests. You also have the chance to acquire achievements and titles. The event provides the perfect opportunity to do some leveling thanks to the event item that grants you 100% XP buff.

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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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