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Elder Scrolls Online – Unhallowed Grave Preview

Harrowstorm is an Elder Scrolls Online DLC that brings two new dungeons. Unhallowed Grave is one of them. The DLC sets in motion the events from the Dark Heart of Skyrim adventure. As the name suggests, the location is an old grave who would better be left undisturbed but that’s not how things work in Tamriel. A long time ago, a great evil was trapped under Bangkorai.

The Pyre Watch was founded. Their sacred duty is to guard the grave and make sure that its existence remains a secret. In the beginning, it was a great honor to be a guardian. As time passed, their numbers decreased and the new members weren’t that invested anymore. In present times, only one Pyre Watch guardian remains. Her name is Shelaria and, although she is committed and dedicated, she needs help. The Draugrkin have invaded the tomb. Players will need to step foot in this terrible place and drive out the invaders. However, you need to remember that this place is not just your average bandit hideout.

The Draugrkin are an odd bunch of Nord mercenaries and necromancers. They saw the grave as a great resource for their undead armies. The Unhallowed Grave hides many mysteries and it’s a threat in itself. The Draugrkin are not that easy to defeat. They have raised an army of creatures including werewolves and other monsters. Even without their undead minions, the mercenaries are powerful foes. They will not go down without a serious fight.

On top of that, stone guardians and liches aren’t too thrilled about the presence of others. Whether is fighting or exploring, the grappling hook will prove once again a handy tool. Use the hook to traverse the dungeon and to uncover mysteries. When is time to face bosses, use it to gain an advantage in combat. As you explore the grave and kill bosses, you will get rewards. The loot table includes four new gear sets. There are three normal sets and a monster set.

The Grave Guardian heavy set provides a group boost on successful blocks. Many collectible items and furnishings are available as well. Cosmetic items can also be earned. Complete the dungeon on veteran difficulty and you will be able to make your character look like a Draugrkin. There are also achievements associated with the new dungeon. The DLC is part of the premium subscription and also available separately from the crown store.

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