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Elder Scrolls Online -The Dark Heart of Skyrim Adventure is Starting in February

Are you an Elder Scrolls Online player who longs for the snowy peaks of Skyrim? Then you are in luck. The next ESO adventure is called The Dark Heart of Skyrim and takes place in the famed Tamriel province. Something evil is going on in Blackreach and, as usual, adventurers are called to arms. Just as the Season of the Dragon ended, a new adventure begins. Clear your schedule and be on the lookout for a new DLC coming in February. If you need more ESO gold by then, go to U7BUY Elder Scrolls Online store for more cheap and fast service.

Harrowstorm is a dungeon pack that sets the new adventures in motion. The big announcement is that a new expansion is coming out in May. Greymoor was just revealed at the Las Vegas event in January. The story started in Harrowstorm continues with Greymoor. There will be main quests and numerous side quests that will help you gain a better understanding of this year’s adventure. The Dark Heart of Skyrim will feature one more dungeon DLC and a story DLC. There is no info yet about these two content additions. All we know is that the dungeon DLC is set for the third quarter and the story DLC will come out in the fourth quarter.

Harrowstorm DLC will include two new dungeons. You will not just be fighting monsters. Adventurers will also investigate an Icereach storm and set foot in the Unhallowed Grave. Dark forces are at work here. The dungeons give you a preview of what is to come. Greymoor expansion will introduce the main story quests. You will adventure into Western Skyrim and come across some new old enemies. No, we are not talking about dragons. This time is about vampires. A Vampire Lord is commanding dark beasts that devour the souls of poor Nord citizens.

The main story has Gothic elements. The expansion introduces the new zone of Western Skyrim. Kyne’s Aegis is a new 12-player trial. Harrowstorms are a new type of world events. New public dungeons and delves are on the list as well. Greymoor expands on the existing gameplay but brings something new to the table as well. This is the Antiquities system. This is an activity that gives players the chance to get ancient artifacts. The system will include a method to locate the site of an artifact and a minigame activity to uncover it. The artifacts are collectible items such as mementos and furnishings. Greymoor also comes with updates. The Vampire skill line is getting a makeover. The expansion comes May 18th and it will also be available on Google Stadia. It is already available for pre-order.


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