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Elder Scrolls Online – What to Get From the Crown Store in December

Do you want to expand your Elder Scrolls Online collection of pets, mounts, or furnishings? Or maybe you are looking for a costume? No matter what you need, check out the crown store. December comes with more items for players to collect.

If you want to add a unique-looking mount to your collection, check out the Infernium Dwarven Spider. It was crafted in the Infernium Forge by a Deep Elf artisan and now it can be yours. Be on your toes as this mount is available for four days only. The Frost Mare mount is available as well. If mounts aren’t your thing, how about a new hat? A pack of three festive hats is awaiting for you. The New Life Festival cap is also available. This hat is part of the winter celebration event.

If you prefer something less ostentatious, you can get the New Life Monk’s cap. Are you a fan of crafting? Then you will be happy to know that a new motif, Moongrave Fane, is available from the store. You can also acquire motif chapters from the last boss in Moongrave Fane dungeon. The drop has 100% chance when completing the fight on veteran hardmode.

The Frostcaster motif can only be acquired from the crown store. The Iceheart arms pack gives players the chance to get outfit styles for Iceheart weapons. Make sure to defeat the last boss in Direfrost Keep on veteran and you can earn the Iceheart mask style page. Look for Glirion and get the mystery coffers. They can drop the Iceheart shoulder style page. Are you tired of not having enough tickets when the Impresario is around? Get your tickets from the crown store and get the items you want.

If you want to make an Elder Scrolls Online buddy happy, don’t forget that the tickets can also be sent as gifts. There’s no better time to spruce up your house. If you like provisioning then don’t miss the Intrepid Gourmet Bundle that contains a costume, emotes, provisioning recipes, consumables, and a provisioning station. Celebrate the winter season with the New Life furnishing pack that will make your house look more festive than ever. Get the music box and play A Frost Melt Melody all year long.

If you are in the market for a new house, the cozy Enchanted Snow Globe Home and the exotic Potentate’s Retreat are available. Does the house feel empty without a pet? Get the New Moon Senche Cub from the crown store. U7BUY Store also have discounts for ESO gold.


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