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How to Get a Free House in Elder Scrolls Online?

Are you playing Elder Scrolls Online for a while but you still haven’t tried the player housing feature? Or didn’t you even know that the game has housing? No matter, you should get a house because it comes with lots of neat features. Housing in MMORPGs is not cheap but, luckily for you, Elder Scrolls Online allows you to get a house for free. Actually, it’s more of a room than a house but it doesn’t cost anything and that’s a deal that you cannot miss.

Go to the bank in any of the major cities and look for the housing brochure item. You will get the quest called a Room to Spare. Alternatively, you can look for the NPC called Felande Demarie that is located inside the inns in the major cities. Once you are done with the quest, you will get an inn room. The zone depends on your alliance. You can do the quest with all your characters and unlock the room for all alliances. You can also get the room with a character that is not in that alliance if you pay the gold fee.

Aldmeri Dominion followers will get a room at Mara’s Kiss in Vulkhel Guard. If you are with the Ebonheart Pact, you will obtain a room at The Ebony Flask in Ebonheart. Daggerfall Covenant members will be able to stay for free at the Rosy Lion in Daggerfall. If you have the Morrowind expansion, you can claim Saint Delyn penthouse in Vivec City for free. If you have the Summerset expansion, you can get the Golden Gryphon Garret in Alinor. A room at the Sugar Bowl in Rimmen is available to players who have the Elsweyr expansion.

The room will be of great help. Even if you are not into the player housing feature, you will find that the room has certain uses. Storage is one of the most important and the main reason players choose to get their room. You will gain some extra storage space. If you have been playing the game for a while, you surely have accumulated lots of items. Once you get a room, you will also be able to use those decorations and furnishings. Keep in mind that there are plenty of Elder Scrolls Online houses that can be bought with gold should you meet the requirements.

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