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Elder Scrolls Online – Artifact Weapons

Elder Scrolls Online players can acquire powerful artifact weapons. These weapons are acquired in Cyrodiil and can only be used there.

Elder Scrolls Online PvP just got more interesting with the addition of artifact weapons. This feature was introduced in base Update 22 so this means that all players have access to it. Artifact weapons are powerful items that can be acquired in Cyrodiil only. Developers wanted to give players more reasons to roam around the map and to interact with each other. A few times per day, players will be able to get such might artifact weapons.

Acquiring these weapons is the easiest part. You just have to find the spawn location and pick up the weapon. Based on your luck, you might not even have competition from other players. All players that happen to be in Cyrodiil when an artifact weapon spawns, get a notification. A later notification gives some hints about the location. Your goal is to find the weapon and pick it up before others.

Once you get the artifact weapon, you can do pretty much anything you like. As the developers said it, this weapon is OP. The wielder of the weapon unlocks powerful abilities such as AOE abilities that deal massive damage and abilities that can take down walls. In other words, no player or wall can stop you. This weapon can also kill an emperor. The first available artifact weapon is called Volendrung the Hammer of Might and it’s a gift from the Daedric Prince Sheogorath. And now you know that there must be a downside to it. In order to keep the weapon, you must continually acquire alliance points. These are obtained when capturing or defending objectives. They are also acquired by killing opponents. The weapon consumes alliance points and if it runs out of them, it drops from the player. If you lose the weapon within 30 minutes of obtaining it, then another player can get it.

So far, Volendrung is the only available artifact weapon but more are already planned to be released with future updates. When you wait the future updates, it’s not a bad idea to buy more ESO gold and prepare for the new event.

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