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Elder Scrolls Online – Fungal Grotto I Veteran Tactics

Tazkad the Packmaster. This is the first boss in Elder Scrolls Online Fungal Grotto I on veteran mode. It’s an easy boss. The tank needs to make sure that all the adds are tanked. Blocking is also necessary. The Elder Scrolls Online gold will be got when boss got killed. Loot: Tazkad’s Band, ring; Huntmaster’s Leash, necklace.

War Chief Ozozai. The preferred strategy here is to take down the adds as soon as possible because of the AOE attack they use. The tank has to block stronger attacks. The boss will select one member and start dealing massive damage. The targeted person needs to move away from the group.
Loot: War Chief’s Firebrand, fire staff; Dreughsdeath, greatsword.

Broodbirther. This boss has two adds. It’s up to the group to decide the kill order. There will be some AOE on the floor that can be easily avoided. There is also a spell that draws players closer to the boss as it deals damage.
Loot: Broodmother’s Knot, ring.

Clatterclaw. The boss keeps summoning adds throughout the fight. They don’t do much damage yet it is a good idea to take the first groups down as it can be overwhelming to deal with too many of them towards the end of the fight.
Loot: Crabclaw Charm, necklace.

Kra’gh the Dreugh King. Players should keep in mind that they have to read the scroll first. It is located in the same room with the boss on the left side as you look at the boss. This is the last boss in Fungal Grotto I. The boss will do a channeled attack that can be blocked by the tank. In most cases, just before doing the AOE attack the boss will pull one group member towards him. It’s a good idea to get out of it as soon as possible. The most dangerous attack should always be blocked. It looks like white arrows shooting from the claws. There will also be some adds that don’t have much HP and can be easily killed.
Loot: Goblinsbane, mace; Dreugh King’s Totem, lightning staff. The items and Elder Scrolls Online Power leveling are part of the Kra’gh set.

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