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Most Popular NBA 2K18 Achievements on Steam

I Got You. This is the most common NBA 2K18 Steam achievement. It was earned by 66.7% of all players. To get it, players must use maximum passing to throw a long pass.

Makin’ Adjustments. Seems that more than half of those who play NBA 2K18 on Steam, 57.5% to be precise, have resorted to on the fly defensive changes while playing a game.

Let Doc Do His Thing. Looks like not everyone wants a change of look as only 44.6% of the players have visited the Barber Shop.

Badge of Honor. This is another MyCareer related achievement. To get it, players must get a badge, 43.2% of them have this achievement.

Puttin’ in Work. Those who manage to get a full team practice while playing MyCareer get this one. So far, 41.4% of them have put in the work.

My Every Day Player. Judging by the high percentage of players that got MyCareer related achievements, we can say that MyCareer is definitely one of the popular NBA 2K18 modes. Forty-one percent of all players have become an NBA starter in this mode.

Unleash Chaos. To get this achievement, players have to get two breakout games one after another in MyCareer mode. The percentage of users who managed to do this is 39%.

Just Say No. This achievement is obtained while playing MyTeam. Players just have to buy a card pack and the achievement is theirs. At the moment, 37% of them have bought one.

Half Court…Check. All it takes is to play a match in MyCareer for this achievement. The match can be dunk, downtown, or king of the court. The percentage of players who have it is 30.4%.

Like a Top. For this achievement, players need to use the dribble move button to make a spin. About a third of all players, 28.2%, managed this.

I Spy Spalding. If players look around the team practice facility while they are in MyCareer mode, they will spot Spalding IQ gear. So far, 27% of them found it.

The Juice is Loose. Getting a drink from the juice stand will also get players an achievement. About a quarter of them, 25.2%, have this one.

About the Author: esogold