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The Favorite Formations of Professional Payers in FIFA 18.

The world of eSports is a changing environment, in which the constant updates and patches of the games modify the strategies and ways of facing the games at a professional level. Something that also happens in FIFA, as we saw in the FUT Champions Cup held in Manchester last weekend.

Paying attention to the formations most used by professional players, we have been able to elucidate some tips and strategies that you can apply to your Ultimate Team. Pay attention and take note, because they could help you a lot in the face of your weekend at FUT Champions.

4-4-2, the favorite of the champion of Manchester
The champion displayed in most of his matches, including the final, the 4-4-2 formation. A strategy that other professional players also use regularly.

An alignment with bands, with two forwards in line that will allow you to throw walls and, in general lines, that will allow you to open the field and have players in all areas of the field. Ideal to maintain possession and generate an advantage over your opponent by striking the sides.

4-1-4-1, the favorite change
When things do not go as you expected, the best thing you can do is pause the game and modify the strategy of your template. This will confuse your opponent, accustomed to defending you in a concrete way, and will allow you to catch him by surprise in the next moves after the change, until he becomes accustomed to your new formation.

4-2-3-1, the one that never fails
It is the favorite tactical strategy of the vast majority of the community. It has many variants, but all of them are characterized by having a double pivot and a more advanced midfielder trained to give last pass and make long-shots. Also, try to have skilled and fast FUT 18 players at the ends, which allow you to draw diagonals and generate danger starting from the side.

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