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Elder Scrolls Online – Have you played the Dark Brotherhood DLC yet?

Elder Scrolls Online -  Have you played the Dark Brotherhood DLC yet

Dark Brotherhood DLC is an optional Elder Scrolls Online content addition that brings in a wealth of new activities. All TES fans and veterans are familiar with the Dark Brotherhood, the guild of assassins who worship the Daedric prince Sithis. The entire DLC is dedicated to the Brotherhood so players shouldn’t be afraid to take part in various assassin themed activities.

One new game area opens when players get the DLC. The zone is called Gold Coast. Points of interest in this area are Anvil and Kvatch and have been previously featured in TES IV: Oblivion. The good news is that the Gold Coast is not level restricted so players can even make a new character and adventure into the new zone. A new character doesn’t seem such a bad idea since the DLC also has a Dark Brotherhood themed skill line. Players will unlock new passive abilities that will give their characters assassin perks.

A new story awaits those who set foot on the Gold Coast. Lots of quests will keep players occupied for hours as they unravel the DLC’s mysteries and gain XP. When players are done with the quest line, they have the option to complete repeatable quests for more rewards, maybe the rewards that contains a part of elder scrolls online gold. There are bounty quests, contract kill quests, and sacrament quests available. Litany of Blood missions send adventurers all over Tamriel. But not all Dark Brotherhood activities are assassination missions.

The DLC comes with two delves and two world bosses. Several item sets, costumes, dyes, and lots of other Dark Brotherhood themed items are available. As one can expect, the DLC also has specific achievements. Players who complete the achievements will be rewarded with the viridian venom dye, one polymorph, and two mementos. A new crafting style is on the features list as well. Dark Brotherhood DLC can be permanently unlocked in exchange for 2,000 crowns. Premium members get access to it as long as their subscription is active.

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