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Elder Scrolls Online – Take part in the Orsinium celebration to get bonuses and rewards

Elder Scrolls Online - Take part in the Orsinium celebration to get bonuses and rewards

Elder Scrolls Online is celebrating the two year anniversary of one of its veteran DLCs: Orsinium. During the month of November, players are invited to take part in the event. The celebration has something for all players. Good news for those who don’t have the Orsinium DLC. Now it’s the best time to buy it because a major discount is hard to pass. There are two versions of the DLC. The base one that normally costs 3,000 crowns can be obtained for 750 only during the event. Those who want the special edition called the Collector’s Bundle get to save 3,000 crowns. For the entire duration of the event, the special DLC edition costs 2,000 crowns instead of 5,000. The collector’s edition contains the base DLC, a mount, a pet, and XP items.

Players who have the DLC might want to go back to Wrothgar. The event doubles all the rewards obtained in that zone. All items obtained from crafting nodes will be doubled, however, this doesn’t apply to nodes from survey reports. Those who participate in Maelstrom Arena get double rewards as well. They will get two times more items from chests than normal. This works for both difficulty modes, normal and veteran. This is also a perfect occasion to help Wrothgar inhabitants with their daily tasks. Those who complete dailies in this area will get double rewards. Players that don’t want to get the DLC can still access Wrothgar if they are premium Elder Scrolls Online users. The optional subscription includes access to all DLCs.

Orsinium DLC unlocks a new game zone. Players get to visit Wrothgar, the land of the Orc race. New quests and a new story line give players the chance to discover more about this zone. There are two dungeons that await brave adventurers. The Maelstrom Arena, a single player challenge, is available as well. The event begins on November 16th and lasts until November 27th.

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