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Tips to Join Player Guild in Elder Scrolls Online

Tips to Join Player Guild in Elder Scrolls Online

Player guilds unlock more Elder Scrolls Online content. Players join guilds for social interaction, trading, PvE and PvP grouping and additional storage.

Join Five Guilds
Elder Scrolls Online guild system is different from other MMORPGs that allow players to join only one guild. In Tamriel, adventurers can be part of five guilds. Depending on players interest in the game, they will choose to join a private friends guild, one or two trading guilds, a PvE guild and a PvP guild. Players can join a guild as soon as they hit level 10.

Additional Storage
If players bank and bags are already at full capacity and they still need more storage space, a guild may be a way of getting it. As players are allowed to join five guilds, they can create their own private guild and use it just for storage purposes. A group of friends that trust each other may even share the same guild bank.

Social Interaction
Not all guilds have a defined purpose. Some are just large social groups made for interaction. There are no requirements for joining such a guild. If players wish to have someone to chat with while doing Elder Scrolls Online activities, a social guild may be the right answer.

There is no Elder Scrolls Online auction house. Players can directly trade items between themselves or use the guild store to buy and sell items among guild members. There are some dedicated trading guilds who only accept players that are looking to trade items. Some players choose to join two or even three trading guilds. When looking for a respectable trading guild, it’s important to check out the activity requirement. A trading guild with lots of members that have been inactive for too long is not a good choice.

Group Finding
Elder Scrolls Online players that want to complete end game PvE and PvP content will need to find reliable group members. The are PvE and PvP guilds that recruit players for various activities. Some are friendly towards low level players while others may have joining requirements.

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