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The Elder Scrolls Online Cozy in Your Homestead

The Elder Scrolls Online Cozy in Your Homestead It seems like Bethesda is not wasting any time with The Elder Scrolls Online and is planning a 2017 DLC Expansion for ESO already. This Expansion is called Homestead and will bring all of you ESO players something that HearthFire has brought to Skyrim… A home. In this Expansion you will be able to get your own customized cozy domain in ESO’s treacherous world which will shelter you from the horrors of outside as well as provide you with a Pimp pad no Nightblade can match. So if you are ready to see what this new Elder Scrolls online expansion has to offer to you and many faithful ESO players like you out there, let us dive right in the thick of it and see.


The Homestead Expansion of The Elder Scrolls Online provides players with 40 new uniquely styled homes that fit certain race styles. Whilst this is nothing new compared to some content releases that included new zones and epic journeys like Wrothgar, you will be able to do a lot with your homestead and spend hours on it. How? Well just look at the fact that you will be able to style your ESO homestead with over 2,000 unique items which are of course going to cost you. What this means is that Homestead is going to bring a lot more incentive to play The Elder Scrolls Online if the game has lost its feel to you for some reason. So, are you getting excited yet or should we reveal the best part.

Best Part

The Homestead Expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online is going to be completely free DLC for every player no matter if they pay or not. That’s right, 100% free. So until it comes in 2017, get that grind going in ESO to get all of those homes and items. Or just buy cheap EOS gold, you can do that too you know…


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