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How to Complete Dungeon Easily?

How to Complete Dungeon Easily

There is one build to help you complete dungeons with pug dps and get no-death runs. Someone has run this through all of the hardest veteran dungeons and veteran DSA with great results.With this build you can stand in the red almost everywhere with no ill effects. Typical one-shot attacks like Selene’s bear barely hurt you if you have a shield up.


The coolest accomplishment with this build has been a 4-man Maw of Lorkhaj clear with no healer. In particular, taking Rakkhat’s barrage with no healer really highlights the power of this build. And now I will introduce this build this build isn’t actually invincible, but it makes you feel invincible.


Any build has a ton of trade-offs in this build we will focus on  maximizing group damage shielded per second by increasing Max Health for larger Igneous Shields, and Magicka Recovery / Magicka Cost Reduction for more shields per second.

Best choice for Maximum Health is Imperia . it gives the largest group shields and Nord is better for individual because 6% damage reduction applies to your own shields.

Everything in Health

The Atronach (more magicka recovery)

Vampire / Werewolf

vampire for extra magicka recovery, damage regeneration, and invigorating drain.


Maximum Group Shields

5x Plague Doctor (armor / jewelry)

5x Green Pact (weapon /shield / armor / jewelry)

1x Max Health Undaunted Monster Set (shoulder)

1x Max Health Undaunted Monster Set (head)

Maximum Personal Resilience

you want to maximize your personal survival, you can use the same build, just swap the head and shoulders for Pirate Skeleton.

How to use champion points ?

Like this

Red Tree

Bastion – 100

Elemental Defender – 52

Hardy – 35

Green Tree

Magician – 87

Arcanist – 100

It does not matter for blue tree .

Orzorga’s Red Frothgar for Max Health and Magicka Recovery, dropped Magicka and Stamina potions for most content, tri-pots for challenging content.

normally you should have 70-75k Max Health, 10k Max Magicka, 10k Max Stamina, and 2k+ Magicka Recovery

Finally I think you can complete dungeons easily with this build .Hope this will be helpful for you .


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