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ESO guide to bow skills

ESO guide to bow skills

The Elder Scrolls Online offers players a lot of opportunity when it comes to using your weapons. Using the bow is a skill in and of itself and if you don’t know some of the tough skills you might not be able to master the bow skill of ESO. The Elder Scrolls Online is a brilliant game but without a guide to some of the simple skills you will be completely lost. So if you want to get better at using the bow in ESO, prepare to learn some of the must know skills for your bow.

Poison Injection (5) – DoT increases on targets under 50% health.

Venom Arrow (4) – Interrupts spells and stuns caster for 3 seconds.

Arrow Barrage (2) – Increases the radius of AoE.  The size increase is noticeable and makes it easy to ensure every mob is being hit.

Longshots (4) – Damage increased by 6/12% against distant targets. You are a bowman so if all goes well, you will benefit from this passive.

Accuracy (5) – Increases Crit rating. Definitely want to get this as soon as you can.

Ranger (5) – Reduce stamina cost of skills by 10/20%,  As always, you want this.

Hawk Eye (5) – This has changed with Dark Brotherhood, it now increases your damage with bow attacks for 4 seconds by 5%. This stacks up to 3 times. This has helped make bows more viable!

Hasty Retreat (4) – Grants Major Expedition for 2.5/5s after a Dodge roll.
Archery can be kind of tough to do in any MMORPG but if you know these basic skills for the bow in The Elder Scrolls Online you will be all set. So stop being afraid of going into PvP because you don’t know what to do because this ESO guide will help you to better understand ESO’s bow. Now go out there and have some fun… And mead…Lots and lots of mead.

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