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ESO – The Scribes of Fate and Necrom Overview

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In ESO, different planes and realms exist, and Tamriel is just one region on the plane of Nirn where every mortal creature and race lives.


After the conclusion of the Shivering Isles – the Daedric Prince, Jyggalag, finally freed from its curse – another Daedric Prince seems to be the focus of the next Necrom Chapter, coming to ESO in June 2023.


Hermaeus Mora, the Daedric Prince of Knowledge, is set to be the main focus of ESO’s new narratives when the latest Chapters finally drop, but whether he is an ally or enemy is yet to be determined.


Nevertheless, everything will be revealed in due time, and the next Scribes of Fate DLC and Necrom Chapter will kick things off accordingly, encompassing the beginning of the overall Shadow over Morrowind experience:


Scribes of Fate (DLC)


Two (2) new dungeons will be added in ESO, each introducing new lore, secrets, and plot that tie directly to the relevant events pertaining to Necrom.


The first (1st) is the Scrivener’s Hall where corrupted followers of Hermaerus Mora are said to be guarding knowledge for nefarious reasons.


The other is Bal Sunnar, and this place is still rife with mystery, probably to keep players guessing as we get closer to the DLC’s release next month.


Speaking of which, Scribes of Fate is scheduled for launch on 13th March 2023 (Monday) for PC/ Mac, and 28th March 2023 (Tuesday) for PS and Xbox consoles.


Necrom (Chapter)


In the latest Chapter, you will be exploring the Telvanni Peninsula, home of the Dark Elves, and Apocrypha, the alternate domain conquered by Hermaeus Mora itself.


The Daedric Prince is seeking assistance in uncovering a conspiracy that involves the immense library of knowledge amassed on Apocrypha, something that seems to pose a threat to both Nirn and Oblivion alike.


New characters will join you in this new journey, not to mention recurring ones such as the Dunmer assassin, Naryu Virian.


The Necrom Chapter is expected to be released on 5th June 2023 (Monday) for PC and Mac, with a 20th June 2023 (Tuesday) date given for PS and Xbox consoles too.


Peril and danger await you in this new story adventure.


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