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ESO – Dangerous Powers of a Sorcerer (Class Introduction)

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Tamriel is never ever peaceful, and there is always danger lying in wait everywhere, but Sorcerers do not fear these threats because they are masters of the elements, capable of wreaking havoc in just a blink of an eye!


In ESO, all Classes are extraordinary in their own rights, but the Sorcerer is arguably the strongest in terms of raw Magicka abilities, though this is usually leads to them wearing less physical armour to allow freedom of incantations and conjuring spells.


If you’re wondering how the Sorcerer class fares in the game, here’s a general outlook of how they perform:


Sorcerer Proficiencies


  • Physical Combat: Good
  • Spells and Magic Abilities: Excellent
  • Tanking: Poor
  • Healing Powers: Good


The Sorcerer exchanges survivability for pure destructive powers, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have other means to protect yourself from enemy attacks.


In fact, certain Sorcerer abilities allow you to create barriers or armour to negate incoming harm, letting you move around the battlefield without worrying about encumbrance.


As a Sorcerer, there will be three (3) Skills Paths for you to specialise yourself in:


  1. Daedric Summoning
    • Calls on the aid of multiple entities to fight your battles for you.
    • Example of skills include:
      • Summon Storm Atronach (Ultimate)
      • Unstable Familiar
      • Bound Armour
      • Many more


  1. Dark Magic
    • Provides supportive spells and restorative effects to bolster yourself and allies during a battle.
    • Some great abilities are:
      • Negate Magic (Ultimate)
      • Rune Prison
      • Dark Exchange
      • Other incredible abilities


  1. Storm Calling
    • Maximise your damage capabilities by unleashing thunderous carnage against foes.
    • Potential skills that you can choose from are:
      • Overload (Ultimate)
      • Lightning Form
      • Lightning Splash
      • A few others


A Sorcerer is definitely not a weak foe to be trifled with, and you can even fight your own battles against multiple players in PvP if you’re skilled enough with your abilities!


Just be mindful of your physical frailty, though, and try to get some distance from the enemy; melee combat might not be the best option for a Sorcerer unless you’re dedicated to customising your own build in-game.


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