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ESO – Update 34 on the Horizon

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ESO is set to welcome its latest story expansion, High Isles, and understandably, new and improved content will gradually be introduced into the game, with some of them seen in the prospective Update 34 today.




Following the end of Blackwood, ESO players are looking forward to what’s ahead in the future.


With the newest expansion, High Isles, bound to arrive around 6th June in the coming weeks, it is duly time for everyone to expect in-game changes to be implemented in preparation for the event.


That is where Update 34 comes in soon, with prospective changes already revealed by the developers as can be seen here:




  • Full Spanish localization


  • Armoury
    • Mundus Stones can now be used to save a build with potential effects.


  • Improved Quick-Select wheel


  • AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution
    • In-game software support that boosts graphical fidelity and framerates especially for older graphics cards.


  • Option to change Title music


  • More!


A full breakdown of Update 34 can be found here at the official forums.


Unsurprisingly, more patches will continue to be released in the coming days leading up to High Isles inevitable launch.


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