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ESO – Fiery Flames of the Dragonknight (Class Introduction)

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Protecting the world of Tamriel requires more than just courage and spirit; combat proficiencies and unparalleled wisdom are also essential towards saving the land from eternal damnation – the likes of which the Dragonknights are born with!




In ESO, your endeavours to save Tamriel from the endless slaughter that comes from the hands of mythical entities and otherworldly creatures – such as Mehrunes Dagon in the latest Blackwood chapter – require you to choose a particular profession in order to master the combat will and skills to make your journeys possible.


One such alternative is of the Dragonknight Class which provides you with extraordinary fighting abilities that come from an ancient martial arts legacy hailing from the Akaviri.


Dragonknights are known to be supremely durable due to their unbeatable strength and robust training credentials, including the mastery of fiery flames and draconic magic!


When it comes to being a dependable Dragonknight for your team, you will need to understand your basic strengths and weaknesses first in order to fully grasp your role as a frontline warrior:


Dragonknight Proficiencies


  • Physical Combat: Good
  • Spells and Magic Abilities: Good
  • Tanking: Superb
  • Healing Prowess: Bad


A Dragonknight possesses unmatched innate durability in combat, while also wielding destructive capabilities that no other Class has, diverging into three (3) different paths for you to take:


  1. Ardent Flame


  • Destructive abilities that catch enemies ablaze while also incapacitating those that comes across your path.
  • Abilities include:
    • Dragonknight Standard
    • Lava Whip
    • Searing Strike
    • Many more!


  1. Draconic Power


  • This path transforms you into an invincible monster on the battlefield, making foes suffer through use of AoE damage and other immobilizing effects.
  • Some of its abilities are:
    • Dragon Leap
    • Spiked Armour
    • Dark Talons
    • Loads more!


  1. Earthen Heart


  • Another form of defensive combat, this path lets you master various strong buffs that make you even more impenetrable while reflecting damage back to attackers.
  • Abilities are:
    • Magma Armour
    • Stonefist
    • Molten Weapons
    • Plenty others!


As you can see, Dragonknights are made to be the first into battle, and the last to leave it.


If you favour the thrill of facing your enemies head-on, then the Dragonknight is definitely the right one for you in ESO.


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