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The Elder Scrolls Online: Patch 7.0.7, what’s new?

The changes to combat and gameplay mostly affect companions. The Companions AI has been changed to make them run less often in front of the player character when he stops. An issue that prevented Bastian and Mirri’s non-combat perks to be active when they are active and present has been fixed. Non-boss enemies will now drop Companion gear more often. They will also only mourn the player who summoned them, instead of any group member. There has also been some changes with the player’s character interactions with his Companions. Quest indicators will now only appear above the heads of the players Companions instead of appearing over another player’s Companion. The player will also gain rapport increases more often when he kills enemies that Companions do not care for.

Concerning your relations with some of your Companions, Mirri will wait until she knows your character better before asking him to help her with her second quest. The patch also fixed some issues with the Companions in the game. Their combat level and class skill levels will now have a proper synchronization. Additionally, Companions will no longer load before their equipment and will no longer gain experience unintentionally when they complete a Dark Anchor event. Lastly, the Companions voice over lines frequency has been reduced.

When it comes to quests and zones, Blackwood quests will now appear as Main Stories and the cameras interactions for Leyawiin’s Writ boards have been updated. The patch has also fixed Sevilo Andus’ face while it is now possible to travel to party members when in Deepscorn Hollow. Specific issues with quests like A Deadly Secret, A Keep’s Ransom, Heroes of Blackwood, The Ghost of Giovesse and others have also been fixed.

There have also been changes to the game’s economy, as Blackwood’s biomes are now reported to be closer from each other. In the Dungeons, notably in Rockgrove Trial, Saxhleel Champion’s Perfected Restoration Staves will no longer drop on normal difficulty.

The full patch notes are available on ESO’s official website. You can buy ESO Gold for the best price on U7BUY.

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