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Elder Scrolls Online: Companions Are Coming In The Blackwood Expansion

Elder Scrolls Online is getting a new system. It’s the companion system and it will be available when the Blackwood expansion releases. As the name suggests, companions are characters that follow players as they complete quests and take part in activities. The companions will fight side by side with your character. Think of your companion as an extension of your character. Companions can wear items that improve their battle skills. They also have abilities that can be customized by the player. A companion’s combat behavior can also be set. A companion is more than a combat aid. Each companion is a unique character with a background story and personality. The companion is not a pet that just follows you around. They will react to your choices and actions.


What You Need To Know About ESO Companions


The developers’ goal is to give players a helper that can be customized and upgraded. The idea behind this system is to strengthen your character with the use of the companion. Players will find it easier to complete certain encounters and activities with the help of their companion. They will also be able to tackle multiplayer content without another fellow player. Companions can have combat specializations just like the main characters. They can become tanks, healers, damage dealers, or anything in between. This will prove to be extremely useful to the player but they will not become more powerful than the main characters. The companion system is part of the Blackwood expansion. Two companions will be available at launch. Players will unlock them by completing Blackwood quests. As soon as you gain access to your companion, you can customize its appearance and fighting style. You can choose a companion’s specialization that complements your own or you can just see what happens when both you and your companion are, let’s say, damage dealers or tanks.


Players Can Customize Their Companions


The Elder Scrolls Online companion system is designed to be as flexible as possible. Players will find many customization options. They will choose the companion’s gear and what combat skills to use in battle. Companions have their own traits so you can define their play style. The looks of your companion can also be customized. Any costume and outfit you have can be worn by your companion. The mount of the companion can also be chosen by the player. Your companion will react based on your actions so you will build a relationship with them.

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