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Elder Scroll Online – The New Life Festival Begins

The time has come for Elder Scroll Online adventurers to celebrate the New Life Festival. This is the holiday-themed event that takes place annually at the end of the year. The festival comes with a simple quest that gives you access to event activities. You can get the quest item from the crown store for free. You will then need to travel to Windhelm in Eastmarch where you will find the event NPC named Breda. If you are near one of Impresario’s locations, you can use the portal to instantly arrive at the festival grounds. As soon as you complete the quest, more tasks become available. These are event dailies that give you the chance to get some nice rewards.

There are 10 dailies in total. Some you might be familiar with from previous event editions. The Old Life Remembrance quest is a new one. You can get it from the NPC named Petronius Galenus. This daily allows you to celebrate like an Imperial. Players get a reward each time they complete a daily quest. The New Life Festival gift box contains several items. It has Skinchanger motif chapters, event-themed recipes, event-themed collectibles, home decorations, and draughts items. The collectibles include various mementos, costumes, hats, and a pet.

Each time you open a box, you have the chance of receiving a deep winter or an imperial charity writ. The first type of writ is needed to get Skaal Explorer outfit style pages. The second writs are for the Rkindaleft Dwarven weapon style pages. If you manage to complete any of the 12 writs you get an achievement and a skin as a reward. The first daily quest also comes with three event tickets as a reward. As you are probably used to by now, visit the Impresario NPC to exchange the tickets for items. The four Nascent Indrik feathers can be bought for tickets.

You can also use the tickets to get all the berries that were available in 2020. These berries allow you to evolve the Nascent Indrik mount. The mount’s evolution is coming to a close. The crimson variant is the last stage. The NPC also sells pets, Rkindaleft Dwarven weapon styles pages, and group repair kits. The New Life Festival runs from December 17th until January 5th.  Should you need ESO gold, don’t hesitate to visit the U7Buy store. There are some special deals that you will not want to miss!


(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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