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Elder Scrolls Online – Join The Imperial City Celebration

Elder Scrolls Online players are invited to take part in the Imperial City event. This is a premium event that requires players to have access to the Imperial City DLC. The event gives players the opportunity to get more rewards when they adventure into the Imperial City PvP zone and when they complete the two PvE dungeons included in this DLC. Those who are interested in the PvP event can access the activity from the Alliance War menu.

Look for the Imperial City. You can choose to enter the Champion Point campaign. The alternative is the non-Champion point campaign. You will start in the Imperial City sewers. The PvE dungeons can be accessed from the dungeon finder. Alternatively, you can travel to their locations. While the event is active, you will get more rewards than usual.

All monsters carry double the number of Tel Var stones. The number of key fragments is doubled as well. Trove and cunning scamps will give you more loot. You have more chances of acquiring the Stonefire Scamp pet and Soul-Shriven skin.

All bosses drop more loot as well. The bonus rewards are obtained from participating in any activities in the Imperial City.

Those who engage in close-combat battles in Cyrodiil get special rewards in the form of Legion Zero chests. A Glorious chest is acquired the first time players complete a daily in the Imperial City district or they take down the last boss in the two dungeons. The chests carry a variety of items such as key fragments, Xivkyn motif chapters, Tel Var stones, and such. You can get more rewards from the normal chests that you earn when you complete more tasks in the Imperial City.

This is also a good time to obtain more event tickets. You can get three each day. The tickets are obtained from the same activities that give you the glorious chests. Collect tickets and pay the Impresario a visit to see what you can get in exchange for the tickets. You can buy Legion Zero Vigiles armor pages, Tools of Domination weapons pages, the four feathers to acquire the base version of the Indrik mount, the berries needed for the Indrik evolution, and group repair kits.

The Impresario also sells furnishings. Don’t miss the chance to customize your house with Imperial and Daedric decorations. If you want more items, don’t forget to check out the crown store during the celebration. You can get the Legion Zero Charges mount for gems. The event begins on September 3rd and ends on September 15th.

If you feel the gold is not enough even though with this epic event in Imperial City, you can always visit U7BUY and grab a bunch of ESO gold for your own use.


(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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