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Elder Scrolls Online – Castle Thorn Preview

Elder Scrolls Online is getting two new dungeons to come on August 24th. The new releases make up the Stonethorn DLC. It’s a premium dungeon DLC that adds more content and more lore to the Dark Heart of Skyrim adventure. Castle Thorn is one of the two dungeons. This fortress has always been a mysterious place with residents that liked it to keep to themselves. Lady Thorn lives here and no one knows what’s her deal. This is all bound to change.

It turns out that Lady Thorn was busy raising an army of terrible fiends. The disappearance of the people living nearby the castle is suspicious and hints show that this is connected to Lady Thorn. Players are expected to investigate and defeat this threat. However, they are not alone. They have help from the Vampire House of Ravenwatch from Rivenspire. This organization is set on ridding Tamriel of the evil vampires. One of the notable lore characters is Gwendis. He will fight by your side to stop Lady Thorn before she unleashes her army.

Lady Thorn commands a horde of vampires, skeletal monster, blood fiends, and other terrible creatures. She stops at nothing to get her army. Castle Thorn dungeon has five bosses. You will face a giant death hound.

As you might expect, one of the bosses is a vampire. Another boss has something to do with the Daedra. Vaduroth is a former minion of the Daedric god Nocturnal. He now serves Lady Thorn as he resurrects the fallen vampires to make them even more powerful. This fight is one of the many challenges players must overcome.

Castle Thorn is filled not just with monstrosities but also with great riches that predate the Second Era. The loot table includes three new gear sets, a monster mask, and collectible items. Talfyg’s Treachery set is among the rewards. It gives players vampire-like powers. It’s a light armor set that boosts your spell power.

On the downside, it makes you susceptible to Flame and Fighter’s Guild damage abilities. Those who manage to down the last boss on Veteran difficulty get the Lady Thorn monster mask. This mask is extremely helpful if you use abilities that use HP as a resource. It gives the Sanguine Burst synergy that deals AOE damage and puts the Major Maim debuff on enemies. It’s a great addition to a damage dealer’s arsenal. The Reanimated Vampiric Thrall skin is among the rewards too. The dungeon comes with specific achievements.

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