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Elder Scrolls Online – Get These Items From The Crown Store In July!

Are you busy playing Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor? You will want to take a break and check out the July crown store selection. Some great items are just waiting to make their way to your inventory. If you happen to be an ESO Plus subscriber, you get a free item each month. July’s freebie is a statuette depicting the Daedric Prince/Princess Nocturnal. ESO Plus members also get a discount on the Midyear Mayhem circlet, diadem, and coronet.

Crafters should keep an eye out for the Pyre Watch motif. If you don’t want to get the motif from the crown store, you can try your luck in the game. The motif book and chapters are on the drop list of the last boss in the Unhallowed Grave dungeon. The Welkynar motif is also available at the store this month. This motif can too be acquired in the game. You need to complete the Woe of the Welkynars weekly quest and hope that the reward chest contains the book and chapters.

Do you want to make your staff look cool? There’s nothing cooler than Vaermina’s Skull of Corruption outfit style. Get the Domihaus Arms pack for a unique customization. The remaining style pages are earned from game activities. Complete the Falkreath Hold dungeon and you might get the mask style page. The shoulder style page can be bought from Urgarlag Chief-bane. It can also drop from Urgarlag’s Mystery Coffer.

Take advantage of this month’s selection to acquire new decorations for your home. Get the Vampiric pack that adds the Soul-Sworn Thrall and the Font of Loss to your house. A new music box is also available. Look for Enigmas of the Elder Way item in the crown store. Decorating your house is fun but adventuring is part of the ESO life. What better way to cross the lands than on the back of a new mount? You can get the Yorgrim River Ram and Sagacious Psijic Senche from the store. Do you also want a companion? The Great Daenian Hound, Anthorbred Avalanche Dog, and Ja’khajiit Raz are waiting to join you.

Midyear Mayhem celebrates Pelinal Whitestrake. You can get the Star-Made Wolfshead costume and honor Pelianal all year long. If you are looking for something a bit more different, try the Queen’s-Eye Spymaster. July comes to Tamriel with a supply of Psijic Vault Crates so don’t forget to check them out.

Get more event tickets so you have enough to buy Impresario’s goods when she visits Tamriel for the Summerset Celebration. If you don’t have time to win tickets, you can count on U7BUY ESO store to grab Elder Scrolls Online gold and item for a cheap price!


(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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