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Elder Scrolls Online – Greymoor Expansion Is Now Live

Have you started playing Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor yet? Or maybe you are a console player waiting for the 9th June release. The expansion brings a ton of new things to the table. It’s the continuation of the story started last year but it’s a completely new adventure. Players have the chance to return to one of the most beloved Elder Scrolls locations, Skyrim. The new adventure takes place in the western part of the province. The story has a Gothic theme.

Skyrim’s native inhabitants, the Nords, have a hard time fighting against monsters and they are also dealing with a most serious threat. Foes like vampires and werewolves are attacking the population but there is something more going. These attacks are not just mindless raids. The story started with the Harrowstorm DLC a few months ago but now it’s time to discover everything.

The new Elder Scrolls Online expansion has two new zones. That’s great because most expansions feature just one new zone. The first zone is Western Skyrim. Have you played other Elder Scrolls games? Lore enthusiasts will be most pleased by this. We get the chance to visit Solitude and the nearby areas. This is a foray in the past that shows us how the city looked 1,000 years before TES: Skyrim.

The other zone is Blackreach. This is another well-known location. It’s one of the most mysterious locations in the province of Skyrim. The large cave has unique flora and fauna. As you can expect, this is not a safe location so better get ready for challenging encounters. The Antiquities system is part of the expansion’s patch notes. This is practically an archaeology profession that allows adventurers to learn more about the world.

Players explore the world and dig up artifacts that hold valuable clues about what happened in the past. This system is based on two mini-games. Scrying allows you to find the location of a dig site that has relics that are acquired through Excavation. This system has two skill lines.

Players will come across new foes and various challenges. Monsters roam the open world and there are also monsters in dungeons. One of the most challenging activities is the new trial called Kyne’s Aegis. You’d better gather 11 skilled allies and get ready to face giants and vampires. The last boss is a vampire lord and he is pretty strong. The reward list includes gear sets and collectibles.

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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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