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Elder Scrolls Online – New Life Festival 2019

Elder Scrolls Online players are once again invited to celebrate the end of the year with the New Life Festival. Tamriel adventurers have just wrapped up the year of the dragon. A new expansion, exciting story, new DLCs, and new challenges were part of the season that just ended.

However, we are not sad about it because new things are coming our way in 2020. But first, we need to end the year in style and the New Life Festival is the perfect occasion.

A new seasonal quest that bears the name of the event is available for a limited time. Make sure to complete it when the celebration begins so you can start the event as soon as possible. There are two ways to start the quest. If you like traveling, head to Windhelm and look for the NPC called Breda. She is a Nord. Simply take the quest from her and complete all the requirements.

If you want to save some time, open the crown store and look for the item that starts the quest. Don’t worry, it is free. The quest has a few steps that are easily completed. After all, this is the holiday season and Tamriel adventurers deserve some rest. After you complete the starting quest, you unlock nine dailies. These dailies involve some traveling. You will be asked to visit different zones and celebrate with the locals. Celebrating involves throwing mud balls, fishing, eating and drinking, various casual games, and other fun activities. This is child’s play compared to what you have endured in dungeons and raids.

You will be rewarded with gift boxes that contain a variety of items. Deep winter charity writs are among the rewards from the gift box. This is a new type of charity writs. The last year’s writs are also available. Complete the writs and you will get a Skaal explorer’s bundle as a reward. The bundle gives you a random Skaal style page. There are 17 pages in total. You will be glad to know that the pages can be traded so you should be able to collect them all. The rewards from the dailies also include two event tickets.

As you know, these tickets are used as currency to acquire goods from the Impresario NPC. This year, a new Nascent Indrik evolution is available. The New Life Festival is also a good opportunity to level up a character. Breda’s magnificent mead gives a 100% XP buff that lasts for two hours.

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