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FIFA 19 Will Substantially Improve Graphics on Nintendo Switch

We still have 2 weeks to start E3 and we have already begun to know the rumors. However, no one could have imagined that we already had confirmed data about the new games. Just a couple of days ago the main producer of FIFA confirmed what we all expected (and wanted). That’s right, FIFA 19 in Switch will compensate us for everything that went wrong with the 2018 version.

Andrei Lazarescu told us everything!

Andrei Lazarescu, the main producer of the franchise, has assured in an interview with Dream Team that FIFA 19 will improve many graphics regarding last year’s delivery. Although it will still not have the Frosbite engine like the other versions, it is true that it will use a variation of the Ignite engine designed and designed especially for this console, although it did not close the door to adapt the other engine in the future.

That’s how it was expressed in FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch

“I’m not closing the door to see Frostbite on Switch”, he said. “However, we did not want to create a bad version of this engine in the console”. “FIFA 19 will work with a custom engine created specifically for Nintendo hardware. It was good to have this as a base and build from there”.

FIFA 18 has recently received an update to introduce all the changes of the Russian World Cup that has come in addition to the Nintendo Switch to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. We already talked about that version, however, we believe that the best thing is for you to take a look and tell us your experience … maybe we could start giving tips among the whole community.

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