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Gareth Bale Over Powered in UT

For the celebration of the 9 years of Ultimate Team, EA Sports decided to launch special cards of the FIFA 18 players who dominated the modality in different positions over time and the player of Wales changed everything.
FIFA 18 celebrated 9 years of Utimate Team and released several cards with players who over the years dominated the game mode, but Gareth Bale’s version as left-back changed everything.

Gareth Bale deserves it?

The footballer of Real Madrid in its beginnings in Tottenham was lateral and soon it mutated of position, but EA Sports wanted to revive that stage and created the letter more “OP” of the game.

Now you can have a left side with 95 rhythm, 88 shot, 80 defense and 87 dribbling. All this makes him the best in his position and the gamers went crazy.

In EA’s own words

“This year’s FUT birthday team is made up of players who dominated in different positions in previous versions of FUT, and all will be available in packages as special elements for the player throughout the event.”
In the market, the letter has a value that goes between 500,000 to 660,000 FUT 18 coins sale and because of its great importance it becomes difficult to acquire.

How about? Do you agree with these practices that EA is implemented? Remember that we have already won the first battle against this company. The gamers achieved that our request on Battlefront 2 was heard, since the super unfair microtransactions that the game had were completely removed.

Are you going to buy it? Tell us your opinion in the comments box below. See you next week!

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