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What are the Path to Glory cards of FIFA Ultimate Team?

Ultimate Team has been the favored game mode of FIFA fans since it was implemented in the saga. Based on creating your club from scratch by purchasing cards (or items) such as players, managers, shirts, stadiums, contracts or physical forms, it has been established not only as the great online community of the EA Sports football title, but as one of the most influential in the videogame industry.

However, for those who are taking their first steps in FIFA Ultimate Team, it can be somewhat disconcerting to see the wide variety of options offered by the mode. Focusing only on the players, the basic pillar of any club, there are many types of FIFA 18 Player cards (to which new ones are added as the deliveries progress and as new updates come out).

One of the last to arrive are called Path To Glory. Last week, EA Sports made public the release of a new round of these items.

But what are they? Are they worth it?

What are Path To Glory cards
These cards contain a selection of footballers, who have a leading role in both their club and in their selection and who are called to play an important role in the season. Most of them are young stars about to break out and those who are expected to do great things.

Are they worth it?
The Path To Glory cards are quite more expensive than any other card that exists until that player’s time. This is because, the moment you return to take out a special item, your stats will improve and therefore your price will multiply. So yes, they are definitely worth it, so go for them!

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